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Onlinesurveyspaid logoA lot of people heard about paid surveys. In recent time almost everywhere in the web you can see sites promoting paid surveys like crazy. They claim to pay you $1000 a day, $250 an hour. Is this real or fake? Are all these paid surveys sites scams or not? The truth is that most are not scams, just exaggerations. You will not get paid $250 an hour and it is impossible to earn $1000 a day by taking online surveys. But $100 - $500 a month is a real. Market research companies (they and nobody else pay for online surveys) conduct their studies mostly in two ways: online surveys and focus groups.

Online surveys.

Online survey is an online questionnaire form. To take survey is to complete this online form answering questions about particular product or service. Some long surveys consist of 30-50 pages and it takes up to hour to complete! Typical payment is from $0.1 (for very short) to $20 per online survey completed. Some industry specialized surveys worth up to $80 - $100. For example SurveySavvy (Owned by Luth Research) pays IT professionals $20 - $80 per IT specialized survey completed.

Focus groups.

A focus group is an informal, round-table discussion lead by a professional moderator. Most often, the discussion is in regard to a service, a particular product, or advertising. The discussions usually last from 1 1/2 to 2 hours, require no preparation, and you are paid $40 to $150 for your time, depending on the topic.

The other ways of market research are: product testing, telephone surveys, mystery shopping.

Market research companies not only reward their members in cash for taking part in online studies. Rewards are cash, cash drawings and sweepstakes, prizes, points which you can convert to cash or merchandize. Payments are sent by check or PayPal.

As a member of Paid Surveys Company, you would occasionally be asked to complete a very brief questionnaire (called a "screener") to see if you qualify for a particular survey. Screeners are usually no longer than six or seven questions and take about a couple of minutes.

You would usually have an opportunity to win cash prizes in a drawing every time you fill out a screener, regardless of whether you are selected to participate in the follow-up survey.

When you are selected to participate in an online survey or focus group discussion (a typical survey would take 15 minutes or so to complete and focus group discussion from 1 1/2 to 2 hours), you would be paid money, ranging from a minimum of $0.10 U.S. to $200 U.S. or more, depending on the length of the online survey or focus group discussion. Also, typically, just for being a member, your name would be entered each month in a drawing for cash prizes.

If you are United States resident you have the highest earning potential. The most of big businesses order marketing research for United States markets only. And U.S. residents will receive the most frequent survey invitations to their email inboxes.

Canada and United Kingdom markets also attract attention but much less then United States. Members from Canada and United Kingdom will receive fewer invitations.

And what about residents from other countries (Worldwide)? Most of marketing research companies accept international members from all countries. But they will not invite to participate in online surveys frequently.


So let talk about where to find these market research companies to join and start taking paid surveys. There are several ways to find ones:

1. Use search engine
2. Pay for access to paid surveys list
3. Use a free paid surveys directory

I recommend using a free paid surveys directory as the most cost effective way to find market research companies. Free paid surveys directories offer list of hundreds paid survey companies for 100% free. After this you may ask:

Are paid survey lists scams or not?

The answer is yes and no. They aren’t too honest when claiming to pay $1000 a day and $250 an hour for taking online paid surveys. As said above this is not truth. But they are not cheating when claiming to give you an access to a list of hundreds paid survey companies. But this access is not free. They will charge about $35 for it. Don’t be fooled. They are trying to sell you free information! There are a number of websites that offer the same list of paid surveys companies for free! For example this website - Free Paid Surveys Online Directory.

It is online since March, 2003 and provides legal information about hundreds of free paid online surveys, polls, and focus group providers along with detailed reviews and descriptions for each program. Also contains paid survey guidelines, FAQs and useful tips on boosting your online revenue and how to avoid scams. Paid Surveys Online Directory is the only resource you need to start making money by taking online paid surveys! All is free.

Taking Online Paid Surveys is a great way to make extra money. But not for all. If you live in United States, Canada or United Kingdom – you likely will earn some cash by taking filling online surveys. If you are resident of other country your chances are not so high…


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