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Mars ResearchMars Research
From time to time, Mars Research conducts consumer research projects such as: focus groups, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping, public opinion studies, mock juries, music tests, exit polls, taste tests, mall interviewing, etc.. Become a part of Mars Research Online Panel and get paid for your opinion. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE COMPENSATED FOR YOUR TIME, OPINIONS AND INPUT.

Mars Research Review


Drug VoiceDrug Voice
Drug Voice rewards panelists for completing surveys. You will be entered into a drawing to win cash and prizes each time you complete a survey. Specific prizes will be offered for each survey (for example, $100 or a digital camera). Prize winners will be selected at random from everyone who has completed the specific survey. Everyone who completes a Drug Voice survey in 2001 will be entered into our Grand Prize Drawing with a chance to win $500. The more you participate, the greater your chance of winning and the larger the size of your potential reward!


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CQS Research logoCQS Research
CQS Research is continually seeking new people of all ages to participate in many different studies. This is your chance to voice your opinions and ideas about different products, advertising or services offered by manufactures, medical institutes, even local and national government agencies.


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Consumer LogicConsumer Logic
What is your opinion worth? Probably a lot more than you think. Consumer Logic conducts a wide variety of in-person research projects around the country, for which they pay participants for their opinions on products and services. In addition, Consumer Logic conducts online surveys that include sweepstakes drawings for cash prizes.

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Chamberlain Research ConsultantsChamberlain Research Consultants
Chamberlain Research Consultants' goal is to help companies improve their performance, increase customer satisfaction, name products and communicate better messages to consumers and businesses alike. Chamberlain Research Consultants tests products for companies from all over the world and we need you to tell them what you think of them!

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