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Opinion SurveysOpinionSurveys
You may receive cash prizes, gift certificates or other awards occasionally given to panel members for responding paid surveys.


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Blarry House ResearchBlarry House Research 
Blarry House Research is looking for friendly, articulate people who like to share their opinions in focus groups and earn extra spending money in the process. Focus groups are informal discussions consisting of about ten people brought together to test a new product, evaluate an existing concept, or to share opinions on a variety of issues. Topics include views on computer software and hardware, ideas for new video games, taste testing and naming food products, travel, health care, and telecommunications. The discussions are fun, usually last from 1 1/2 to 2 hours, require no preparation, and you are paid $40 to $150 for your time, depending on the topic. Everything discussed in the focus groups is kept strictly confidential.

Blarry House Research Review


20/20 Research20/20 Research
20/20 Research is in the business of conducting market research, the results of which are used to improve products and services. This company provides a way for you, as consumers, to make your thoughts and opinions known to the corporations that provide services and create products you use every day. Because they understand your time is valuable to you, they usually offer an honorarium as a way of saying “thank you” for your participation in their research studies.

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eMarket Research GroupeMarket Research Group
eMarket Research Group is looking for consumers interested in evaluating and providing feedback on consumer products and marketing programs. From time to time, to encourage new members, eMarket Research Group presents New Member Incentive Promotions, which provide the opportunity for a new member to receive an incentive gift after the satisfaction of the terms and conditions.

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Mixer Telephone Speech StudyMixer Telephone Project  
MIXER, a multi-language telephone speech study supporting linguistic research, technology development and education conducted by the Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania. As a MIXER Participant you will talk on the telephone with other participants --typically people you do not know-- for six minutes, in either English, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish or Russian. For this reason, as a MIXER participant, it is helpful to be fluent in English and one of the following languages: Arabic (all dialects), Mandarin, Spanish and Russian. As of March 02, 2004 (and until further notice), YOU DO NOT NEED to speak a foreign language in order to participate in MIXER. The goal number of calls for each participant is twelve (12). MIXER IS NO LONGER RECRUITING SUBJECTS!

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