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Opinion OutpostOpinion Outpost. Opinion Outpost asks its website visitors to join a panel of respondents willing to share opinions and relevant information with us about various products and services. They are only interested in your opinions. Joining Opinion Outpost is free. Their members participate in online research surveys. As a reward for their participation offers Opinion points, which are redeemable for cash (10 Opinion Points = $1). Opinion Outpost members can expect on average to receive about 3-4 survey opportunities per month and they pay anywhere from $1-$5 per survey completed depending upon the length and difficulty of the surveys.  (U.S. only)

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Greenfield online online market researcnGreenfield Online. This company is very active. They publish new surveys every day. Join the Greenfield Online paid surveys panel and participate in fun and interesting surveys. Join now and be entered to win our $2,000 Cash Giveaway and hundreds of other cash and merchandise prizes for participating in online surveys.   (U.S. residents only)

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Survey NetworksSurveyNetworks
Your opinion counts.  Take surveys and tell businesses about the products you want. Complete short surveys and you'll receive promotions and coupons from your favorite online companies, name-brand manufacturers and retailers. The SurveyNetworks surveys are seen by 500,000+ people on a monthly basis. Prizes are Dell Computer & Monitor, Two Night Hotel Stay, a Harley Davidson V-Rod, New Ford Expedition, a  Hummer H2,  or $50,000 Cash!  Open for U.S. residents only.

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E-Poll offers you a terrific opportunity to express yourself...and the rewards don't stop there! Where else can you speak your mind and earn points redeemable for Gift Certificates,  Cash value discounts on great merchandise, CDs and Movies, And other cool gifts!  Take polls for fun & rewards, plus get 500 points instantly just for joining now! (U.S. residents only)

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National Opinion PanelNational Opinion Panel
Join National Opinion Panel now and: Receive offers, coupons, discounts and giveaways targeted to your specific needs based on how you answer our survey, sign up for other great survey offers where you can get paid for providing your honest opinion, refer your friends and family and receive additional rewards, influence the development of new products and improve existing ones.

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